Yesterday saw the marriage of David and Ann. The weather was clear but humid, regardless of this even ‘Doug’ the dog came fully dressed up in a suit!
Speaking of which, this is the first wedding i’ve witnessed where by a animal has delivered the rings! Well done Doug! I must apologise for startling him during the ceremony when i ran round the back of the stools to get that first kiss shot, and poor Doug was not ready for me! At least he got his own take away left overs meal delivered to his room on the canal boat!
There was a wonderful turn out of guests at the wedding who as always were lovely and took to my personality quickly! Some had traveled from quite some distance and even took on the french ‘fuel’ and ‘air traffic’ strikes to be there!

The cake was amazing and we even got a ride on a canal boat into a mile long tunnel which was very…very dark!
David & Ann clearly have a unique and strong love for each other and it’s these special bonds which can be so hard to find in life that I love to photograph.
Thank you for having me capture your special day, I look forward to presenting you with your memories!

Please stand for the new Mr & Mrs Peerless!
David & Ann Peerless-1

Yesterday saw the wedding of Natalie & Andrew Flitton at the Woburn Sculpture Gallery.
The venue was amazing. I can not begin to describe the beauty of the grounds, the setting and the attention to detail. But this was all belittled by the bride Natalie as she walked the isle. It was a moment of nostalgia as everything came together and Natalie graced the Gallery with her presence. Andrew had a permanent grin on his face all throughout the day. Natalie arrived by horse and cart which complimented the grounds perfectly and after the ceremony went out for a trot around the grounds of the gallery. Woburn did an amazing job of putting the details in place, one of which i really liked was the little animal teddies placed on seats of where all the children were sitting.
There were so many beautiful moments and photo’s but i can only share with you the one below for now.

Raise a glass for Mr & Mrs Flitton!
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Yesterday saw the marriage of Charlie & Lewis at the Steventon House Hotel in Abingdon and what a lovely day it was. No wedding is complete without the ‘frantic panic’ as all hands went on deck to find the missing hairband and clip for the flower girl Sophie! Eventually it was found and only the nerves of the big day ahead was all Charlie had contend with. Meanwhile, Lewis arrived in a 1960’s VW camper van that had been jump started that very morning in order to get it there.
Traditionally, the bride is always late and Charlie did not stray away from tradition. But once she stepped into the the ceremony room you could see the uncontrollable smile from Lewis as pure joy took hold of him! Lewis, along with many of his guests came from an array of RAF, Royal Marines and the Navy and all came in uniform. The military dress looked amazing and the lad’s were all in good spirits. Special thanks to Royal Marine ‘Mich’ for helping with the group shots! That J.D and coke was well deserved!

Despite the cold, everyone had a wonderful day filled with amazing memories, moments, speeches and fun! Of course the evening was not over until the lad’s had jumped started the VW again to get it home. I can tell you it’s not easy pushing a large vehicle like that up to speed on gravel while ‘slightly’ under the influence, but after two attempts the guys got it going! Well done gents!

So all that remains to say is congratulations to Charlie and Lewis on their marriage and all the best for the future! Thank you for choosing Lunar to capture your special day!

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Last week I was at the Royal Ascot Golf Club to capture the Tracey’s 70’s themed birthday party! Everyone came dressed for the occasion and and even the bar staff were seen wearing a afro wig at one point. The night was accompanied by a live band called ‘Disco Nights’ and they were fantastic! They came dressed in 70’s gear as well and they looked and sounded fabulous!
I would like to thank Tracey for choosing Lunar to photograph her momentous event. All that remains to say is I’d like to wish Tracey a very ‘Happy Birthday’!!


Today was Lunar’s first wedding of 2016 and took place at the windsor guildhall. Olga and Lionel are a absolute gorgeous couple and we had some lovely moments while roaming the streets of windsor. There was no shortage of laughs as well! After the ceremony the bridal party visited the ‘The Castle Hotel’ across the road where innuendo’s were a plenty! Even a passer-by wanted to join in after what was a totally innocent comment sounded a lot like something else to everyone’s amusement. The hysterics provided some lovely photos filled with much laughter and joy and was a lovely finish to a lovely day for this fabulous couple! Here’s one of my favourite moments from the streets of windsor with the new Mr & Mrs Viet!