Yesterday the wonderful couple Amy and Carl celebrated their marriage at Horwood House in Milton Keynes. The weather was perfect and the day went without flaw! The day started in one of the suites at Horwood house where Amy got ready amongst friends and family. With plenty of time before the ceremony the atmosphere was relaxed and Amy was more excited than nervous. You could really see the joy in her face when she first viewed herself in the mirror fully dressed! Meanwhile Carl was very relaxed…until things started happening. Suits were donned and it wasn’t long before Carl was stood at the front of the ceremony room looking very nervous with all his friends and family sat just meters behind. I knew that Amy was just behind the door waiting to come in and how amazing she looked, but Carl had no idea what a treat he was in for! So taken by her he jumped the gun beating the registrar to the announcement of ‘You may kiss the bride’! A number of children helped complete the day, some of which were very shy to me at first but a few ‘high fives’ later some wouldn’t even leave me alone- ha! Few notable mentions that i’ve never seen at a wedding before was the introduction of a ice cream parlour, a bouncy castle (which i think was more for that adults than the kids) along with the classic sweetie cart and hog roast! There were some epic moments of emotion throughout the day which made it all that much more special!

Please raise your glasses for the new Mr & Mrs Pargeter!

Horwood House

Another glorious wedding took place at Horwood House on Saturday with the marriage of Tom & Sarah.
Some of my favourite highlights of this wonderful wedding were the hilarious best man’s speech, Mia’s ‘cheeky’ personality (special thanks to you for helping me with the garment shots) and getting to use my new piece of technology which helped create the amazing shot shown below! The day started with a very warm welcome by all the family at Tom & Sarah’s house where we photographed the bridal prep. There were a few terrifying moments such as when we opened the flower box to find it was empty, and the car out front refusing to start! But it all came together perfectly and we were on our way to Horwood! Two gorgeous cars transported the bride, farther of the bride and the bridesmaids to the venue and from there the day only got better! We had a lot of fun photographing with Tom & Sarah, the day was just filled with laughter and giggles!

We wish you much love and happiness as you begin this new chapter in your lives together!

So without any further delay, can we all please stand for the new Mr & Mrs North
Tom & Sarah

Yesterday, Horwood House saw the marriage of Sam & Bob Gibbs and what a day it turned out to be! The weather only complimented this lovely couple and their wonderful friends and family. Sam & Bob couldn’t be more friendlier and welcoming to not only myself but everyone soul at the wedding! Horwood House never looked so good with both the Ceremony rooms and Eyre suite looking so good, Sam couldn’t stop crying with joy. Their love for each other was clearly genuine and seen, from the little comments being heard said to each other, to the interaction and reactions to each others presence! Special thanks goes out to Poppy as 2nd shooter and Ellie ( one of the bridesmaids) who also got hands on with one of the camera’s and got some cracking shots!

Best wishes and much love to the new Mr & Mrs Gibbs
Sam & Bob

Congratulations to a wonderful family! Yesterday saw the marriage of Emily & Phil at Horwood House in Milton Keynes. I think it’s safe to say that everyone, not just Emily & Phil had a smashing day! Even little Seb & Isac enjoyed themselves! This lovely family were supported by a cast of delightful friends and family that I soon found myself becoming well acquainted to. Even Charlotte befriended me despite my teasing, pretending to forget her name and a few other things relating to food! With all the joking going on accompanied by the awesome weather & the forever flawless team at Horwood House, everyone had a outstanding day never to be forgotten! All these moments were captured on film, from the bridal prep, to the roaring red sky at sunset. Even Seb & Isac’s love for dinosaurs made many appearances throughout the photo’s.

Let’s hear it for the brand new Mr & Mrs Clewley!

Bryony & Robert

My first time shooting at Newton Park Barn in Milton Keynes and what a fantastic venue. The views were gorgeous and the weather was spectacular, so much so I got a bit sunburnt! Bryony and Robert’s wedding came complete with a wonderful ceremony, giant beachballs, a hog roast and barn dancing to name a few of the highlights. Some of the more funnier moments would be the bottle of lemonade exploding over one of the bridesmaids (thankfully she came prepared with a spare bridesmaids dress, amazing!) and my camera strap becoming entangled on a small tree during the ceremony causing it to bend over then spring back upright like some sort of catapult! Bryony and Robert were an extremely accommodating couple to the guests and myself including so I would like to thank them for the goodie bag of sweets they sent me home with as well!

Without further hesitation I give you the new Mr & Mrs Cairncross!

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