On Saturday the 11th of August I found myself at one of the most emotional weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. Stephanie and Kyle tied the knot at the Macdonald Berystede Hotel in Ascot in what turned out to be a stunningly beautiful wedding. There was a little bit of drizzle but nothing that dampened the spirits of the guests or Steph and Kyle. Starting the bridal prep at ‘The Salon Sunningdale’ we moved back to the Macdonald Berystede to finish up getting ready. As we got closer to the ceremony start time nerves started to show. We managed to capture a magical moment before the ceremony with Stephanie and Kyle on either side of a door, not able to see each other but able to exchange a gift around it. Later we awaited Steph’s arrival and Kyle really became anxious, especially moments before Stephanie’s arrival. You could see and feel how much these two people meant to each other. With the tears rolling down Kyle’s face before Stephanie had even entered the room, it really hit me with emotion. But as soon as Kyle saw his gorgeous bride that face turned to a beaming smile! We all had a great day with plenty of amazing photo’s throughout. I especially enjoyed the ice cream bicycle!

I’d like to thank Stephanie and Kyle for having me be part of their amazing day!

Please enjoy some of those moments that were captured on the day and displayed on the day below! More to come soon!


So yesterday was blessed to attend the marriage of Nikola and Michael at Lillibrooke Manor near Maidenhead. This gorgeous venue hosted the complete wedding from bridal prep to carriages. We were very lucky with the weather as well as the super hot heat wave the UK has been suffering had just come to an end. The wind however had picked up blowing a gale at times but this did not hamper us at all, in fact we worked it to our advantage with some awesome vail photos!
Nikola and Michael had clearly put a lot of effort into the venue decorations as they completely transformed the place with beautiful fairy lights and a wonderful coronation of colour scheming! The ceremony was lovely with a live harpist and making it just in time, Jasmine, a young girl who sung such a beautiful song that she reduced some people including the bride to tears.

There was a number of children and babies at this wedding, all of which were adorable! The rest of the guests were all very welcoming and helpful. On this particular wedding I had an apprentice by the name Isla, I’d like to thank Isla for her amazing help in organising photos and helping move gear and hold lighting rigs. I’d also like to thank the venue ‘Lillibrooke Manor’ and ‘Vincent’ for their help in accommodating requests.

So please congratulate the new Mr & Mrs Jones!

So yesterday I have the please of photographing the marriage of Teresea and Andy at Esseborne Manor Hotel.
The day started off a little unnerving as upon my arrival I found a emergency ambulance outside, fearing the worst for my bride I went in only to find she was all ok and that it was nothing to do with the wedding. With the wedding still on we got on with the bridal photos and I explore the beautiful venue grounds! I also discovered this venue was home to the cast of Downton Abbey for 6 years whilst they filmed the show. A signed giant photo proudly hangs in one of the rooms from all the cast members thanking them for looking after them so well. I can see why as the staff at this hotel were so lovely, tentative and had amazing food and service!

Back to the wedding, Teresea’s nerves started to show with her visibly shaking the closer we got to the ceremony. In fact I had to help her put on her necklace as it proved to much of a challenge for her. The ceremony was lovely with a super friendly registra and some playful banter between Teresea and Andy throughout.
After the ceremony I took the newly weds for a walk around the grounds away from everyone and gave them sometime to themselves. Teresea commented later that evening how much she appreciated that walk away from everyone so she could calm her nerves. I was also just nice for them to enjoy and take in all the pretty flowers and locations that this wonderful venue had to offer.
The weather was just perfect, with some clouds in the sky giving us a nice flat light for most of the day and no rain meant we were able to enjoy a BBQ in the evening! Amongst the evening BBQ was the largest sweetie stand I’ve ever seen stretching the entire length of the top table! Once the sun had set and darkness fell we headed outside to do a awesome ‘sparks’ shot which was requested by Teresea. This stunning shot with Esseborne Manor in the background is shown below so please enjoy this sneak peak of this glorious wedding!

Yesterday I travelled to one of my favourite supplier locations that is known as Ufton Court. There Katie and Jamie tied the knot in the archers hall. There was a number of surprises for the guests and myself including baby Luna arriving in a gorgeously decorated cart and a owl delivering the rings in the hall.
After the ceremony we all moved outside for drinks and outdoor games. After taking Katie and Jamie around the stunning grounds of Ufton Court it was clear that they were a perfect match for each other, further reinforced by the amusing shoe game that they played that evening! The weather held out for the most part with only a very light bit of rain that did not dampen the friends and family’s spirits! Baby Luna was just gorgeous and so well behaved all day and we all got many smiles out of her which was lovely to see! What great day and what a wedding. I’d like to thank the staff at Ufton Court as always for putting on a great wedding and for looking after me so well!

Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Budgett.
To see some of Katie and Jamie’s engagement shoot at Burnham Beeches click here!

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This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Kirsty and Jon’s wedding at the Royal Berkshire Hotel in Ascot! The day started out at a gorgeous home where all of the bridesmaid’s were hands on and very welcoming to me. I got stuck in to mingling in amongst them and would like to thank them for all the lovely tea and to Hannah for her kind words of “I feel like I know you already” after only an hour of us meeting! With everyone busy getting ready a gift from the Groom arrived to the house which brought tears to Kirsty’s eyes! It was such a touching moment and you can really see how much they love each other! Jon’s gifts were so thoughtful!

After a short ride to a wonderful church we were blessed with a beautiful service with a upbeat and enlightening Vicar! The service was also no exception to the emotional moments as Kirsty had to hold it together during her vows, but she did! We were eventually sent on our way by the Vicar who encouraged us to party and celebrate this marriage of love!

The Royal Berkshire Hotel did an outstanding job of hosting. The staff were all lovely, welcoming and no request was too much for them! The weather just about held out with the occasional spitting of rain however this did not dampen their spirits. We got some gorgeous shots amongst the grounds of the hotel! Later on the speeches after a early dinner and I have to say the best man’s speech was hysterical! Everyone including myself and my assistant were seen laughing!

We finished up the night with some lovely romantic closing photo’s, a awesome Pixelstick image which is yet to be revealed and group hug from the Kirsty and Jon!

I’d like to extend a special thank you to my wonderful assistant ‘Kate’ from ‘Juniper Green Photography’ who made the day pass smoothly, took some brilliant photo’s and is a joy to work with!

Please raise a glass for the new MR & Mrs Munday!