Yesterday I took a romantic stroll in the rather enchanting forrest of Blackwood near basingstoke with recently engaged Sam and Martin. Sam and Martin are due to get married next year over seas but that didn’t stop them having a magical engagement shoot in the UK. These two are clearly suited to each other as there was constant giggles from the moment with arrived. They way they interact with each other is beyond cute! I wish them all the best in their future together! Here is one of the beautiful moments captured in this enchanting forrest!

Yesterday I travelled down to the Brighton Harbour Hotel on Brighton’s sea front to capture the marriage of Darren and Simon. This I’m told was not only the hotels first gay wedding but their first wedding full stop. They did a great job and the hotel looks amazing with some great nautical themed furniture. The service was held in a gorgeous white room and was a constant barrel of laughs from the word go! There was a few emotional moments during the ceremony but I just love emotion at a wedding. It shows just how much these two men meant to each other! Darren and Simon ask me for a very casual ‘documentary’ style shoot so no posed photo’s, and that just what they got! I mingled with the guests and took hundreds of fantastic candid shots from this wonderful day making a few friends along the way. Darren and Simon clearly enjoyed themselves and there was much praise and many hugs before I left.
A small sample from the day showing the moment they tied the the knot shown below! More photos will follow soon!

Please congratulate Darren and Simon on their marriage!

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These week I had a double wedding starting off with Dana & Daniels wedding in London! There was a lovely service held by a very relaxed and funny Vicar who made it really! After the service things really started to get interesting as Dana and Daniel had arranged for two old fashioned red double decker buses  to take all the guests from Morden to Putney Pier….except only one showed up. With one bus on the way around 40 guests including our bride and groom were left waiting to see if the other bus came. One hour after the service had ended we were still waiting but there was a hero amongst the guests. Andy ‘who was a London black cabbie’ came to the rescue as he had driven his cab there so popped round the corner to pick it up and whisked bride, groom and a few guests onto the next destination. The rest followed shortly in Uber cabs. This was the perfect example that even if things don’t happen the way you had planned them on your wedding day, that you have all of your groomsmen, bridesmaids and guests will come to your rescue and make your day a memorable one for all the right reasons!
After we had all made it to Putney Pier we boarded a boat where the rest of the wedding was held on. The live band and BBQ cooked and served on board was amazing and there was some heartfelt speeches as well. Many people also sent their congratulations from the bridges and riverbanks via waving and cheering! All in all I believe the happy couple had a wonderful day and a unforgettable time! Don’t believe me, just look at their faces below!
Please raise a glass for Dana and Daniel!

Well what can I say. Yesterday saw the marriage of one of the most stunningly beautiful weddings I’ve had the pleasure of attending! I flew out to the Greek Island of Crete a few days ago to spend a bit of time getting to know the area and do a walk around with the couple before the big day. There were a lot of nerves before the wedding as I’m sure you can imagine, it must not be easy trying to organise a wedding on a island 3.5 hours flight time from home. But Kate and Cos pulled it off and absolutely everyone had a amazing time! Despite the weather forecast predicting thunderstorms the weather held off and was perfect with a slight bit of overcast which is perfect as it creates a lovely flat light for photo’s!

I got to experience some Greek wedding traditions such as the bride meeting all of the guests a short walk from the church. With a mobile band, the bride walks up to the church with all the guests following where she met her Groom ‘Cos’ outside! The service was fascinating and despite the majority of guests not speaking any Greek or understanding what was going on, everyone seemed to be enjoying it!

After the service we took a walk back down to the beach front where a waterfront restaurant was waiting for us all. There was so much food that 120 guests didn’t finish it all!
I took Kate & Cos away from all the action to give them some time to themselves but before we did I got my swim shorts on as it wasn’t long before I was wading out into the ocean with my camera gear to get some ‘just above water’ photos of the couple.  Kate & Cos are a perfect couple that naturally suit each other and you can tell the moment they are together! I got so many amazing photos of these two that it’s been hard to pick just one for the blog! Returning back to the restaurant soaking wet from my dip in the ocean the party kicked of with a great music soundtrack from the DJ, a open bar and of course more food! There was even a bit of plate smashing! I could go on for ages telling you every little detail but the photo’s will tell a better story of the day than I ever could!

Please raise a glass for Kate & Cos!

Yesterday I travelled to the venue that I have photographed more weddings than any other, De Vere Horwood in Milton Keynes.
This gorgeous venue was the setting to the marriage of Ketan & Roseanne who tied the knot yesterday. They couldn’t have asked for a better day, the weather was scorching hot with not a single cloud in the sky! This was a traditional wedding but with some Indian spices added to give it really flavour! All the family from both sides were very welcoming and Grandma took a special liking to me! The occasional roar of a Audi R8 V10 could be heard across the many acres of the venue as there were no expenses spared with Ketan’s transport to Horwood! I’d like to send out a special thanks to ‘Roshan’ for his help with organising the group shots and the rest of the days activities. He did not let his guard down for one minute making sure the day ran smoothly and that Ketan & Roseanne enjoyed every minute of it! The wedding had subtle a ‘Theatre’ theme throughout with many of the decorations relating to this passion that they both shared. As such of offered to do them the classic happy/sad faces that symbolises the acting world of theatre. The end result taken in camera is shown below. More pictures to follow soon but in the meantime please raise a glass for the new Mr & Mrs Patel!