In December I flew out to Lapland – Rovaniemi to photograph one of the most spectacular and magical weddings I’ve ever done. It was my absolute pleasure to be asked to capture this event, as we were in for many surprises! Not just the beautiful setting of the thick fresh snow in the Narnia style woodland, but a visit from Santa Claus and even the Northan Lights blessed the wedding with their unexpected presence! It gives me great pleasure to show you some samples from the wedding of the year! Please enjoy these galactic images from the marriage of Felicity and Russell Stewart!

Yesterday the Macdonald Berystede Hotel in Ascot saw Rob and James get married in what was my first gay wedding to photograph! There were plenty of emotional moments and I just love that in any wedding, even if it gets me going! I love Rob and Jame’s humour and with a few slips of the tongue during the speeches created some hilarious moments. There were plenty of smiles around and I cannot express how lovely these two gentlemen are. They looked after myself so well constantly offering to buy me a drink, had me on the table plan for the main meal and even mentioned me in their speech (which is a first). So a massive thank you to these two wonderful men! You can really see why they are meant for each other as they get on so well and it’s clear that they’ve really supported each other through a number of those life changing events.

Please be upstanding and raise a glass for Rob and James!

This weekend I traveled to Warwick to photograph Carrie & Sav’s wedding. This wedding was unique to any I had photographed before as it took place over two days!
The grounds for the ceremony were beautiful! The Hospital is an historic group of timber-framed buildings on Warwick High Street dating mainly from the late 14th Century clustered round the Norman gateway into the town with its 12th Century Chantry Chapel above it. For nearly 200 years it was home to Warwick’s medieval Guilds. I am also told that the very balcony featured in the photo below was used in a Doctor Who episode! Both days were full of characters which certainly added to this atmosphere of the wedding. Also live singers and bands featured of the two days and I could not tell you which I liked better. They were both excellent to the point I found myself getting involved in some dancing!

Without further hesitation, please raise a glass for the new Mr & Mrs Savage!

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    • Scott Prior - Hi Janine, Carrie and Sav’s photos are still currently being edited so there are none to view at the moment. Once they are complete and the couple have seen them I will post a selection of the best ones to sample on here and the Facebook page. If you use Facebook ‘like’ Lunar Photography’s page as you’ll be notified when theye go up.ReplyCancel

Earlier this month I flew out to Rovaniemi, north Finland other wise known as ‘Lapland’ the home of Santa Claus. Why did i fly out here, to photograph my most adventurous wedding yet! I knew that this was going to be a challenging wedding to photograph, sub zero temperatures and dark by 14:00 were to name a few! The journey out was a long one but I and my equipment all made it safely. The next day though I really got to see the what Rovaniemi had to offer and the landscape absolutely bowled me over. It’s not too often you get a white christmas in the UK or even a decent amount of snow any other time of the winter to be honest but you had it. A lot of it! It was gorgeous! After photographing the bridal prep were shuttled on a mini bus to the location of the wedding. We were dropped off at a one of those comfortable wooden lodge’s with the roaring fireplace in the woods like you’ve always dreamed of visiting. From there we had to take a 15minute walk across a bridge and through what I can only describe as ‘Narnia’ to a small hut out in the woods. This is where the ceremony was held. The thick fresh white powdered snow blanketed everything and reflected light from every angle and the sky was like from another world! The day was so magical! Theres nothing like enjoying a hot chocolate from a wooden bowl in minus 20 degree temperatures! There were plenty of surprises as well from a visit from Santa Claus to, yes, the Northan Lights even made an appearance! I can not show you any pictures from the wedding itself just yet due to special circumstances but I can show you some of the setting. The below photograph I took during sunrise at the very location the bride and groom got married!

One month before Kate was due to give birth to her baby boy I took a stroll around some of the lovely natural and ‘rather arty’ areas of Reading. We took some amazing photos and the weather was just right with low sunsets creating amazing lighting effects. To see more photos from this shoot click the image below.
Kate & Tony