Earlier this month I flew out to Rovaniemi, north Finland other wise known as ‘Lapland’ the home of Santa Claus. Why did i fly out here, to photograph my most adventurous wedding yet! I knew that this was going to be a challenging wedding to photograph, sub zero temperatures and dark by 14:00 were to name a few! The journey out was a long one but I and my equipment all made it safely. The next day though I really got to see the what Rovaniemi had to offer and the landscape absolutely bowled me over. It’s not too often you get a white christmas in the UK or even a decent amount of snow any other time of the winter to be honest but you had it. A lot of it! It was gorgeous! After photographing the bridal prep were shuttled on a mini bus to the location of the wedding. We were dropped off at a one of those comfortable wooden lodge’s with the roaring fireplace in the woods like you’ve always dreamed of visiting. From there we had to take a 15minute walk across a bridge and through what I can only describe as ‘Narnia’ to a small hut out in the woods. This is where the ceremony was held. The thick fresh white powdered snow blanketed everything and reflected light from every angle and the sky was like from another world! The day was so magical! Theres nothing like enjoying a hot chocolate from a wooden bowl in minus 20 degree temperatures! There were plenty of surprises as well from a visit from Santa Claus to, yes, the Northan Lights even made an appearance! I can not show you any pictures from the wedding itself just yet due to special circumstances but I can show you some of the setting. The below photograph I took during sunrise at the very location the bride and groom got married!

One month before Kate was due to give birth to her baby boy I took a stroll around some of the lovely natural and ‘rather arty’ areas of Reading. We took some amazing photos and the weather was just right with low sunsets creating amazing lighting effects. To see more photos from this shoot click the image below.
Kate & Tony

Todays sneak peak comes from Sunday’s engagement shoot with the ever lovely Kate & Cos! We took a ‘magical’ journey to Lacock and saw some of the gorgeous locations where the ‘Harry Potter’ films were made. Excitement coursed through us as we explored the rooms and ground and we got some fantastic shots! Kate & Cos are due to be married next year in Greece and i’m very much looking forward to that location shoot! More sample photos from this engagement shoot to follow!

Lacock Engagement Shoot

Saturday saw Gill & Jake tying the knot in a gorgeous ceremony at Horwood House in Milton Keynes! The main room was decorated in a woodland theme which i’ve never seen before at this venue and it looked stunning! This theming was complimented by the gorgeous autumn colours the grounds of Horwood had to offer. The day ran without a hitch and everyone looked stunning.

I would like to congratulate Gill & Jake on their marriage and raise a glass for the new Mr & Mrs Beasley!

Horwood House

Yesterday i travelled into London to meet and photograph baby Aram in Kensington park. This 5 month old is one of the happiest, smiliest 5 month old’s i’ve ever met. Arum would smile at pretty much anything Mummy, Daddy or even i did and because of which we got some gorgeous photo’s on what was a gorgeous day. After a quick few photo’s with Aram sat in a basket at their home we ventured out the nearby Kensington Park for a coffee and a stroll. The pace was nice and relaxed and the photo’s we took were of what family’s do best. Enjoying themselves in a park on a summers day and the results were lovely, natural images for the family to keep forever. These little ones grow up so quickly so its so important to get these moments on film to keep forever before its too late!


Baby photo shoot