What an awesome event! Yes as the title describes it was all kept secret. The guests had no idea they were going to a wedding! A cancer research hog roast event was held at their residence to lure the friends and family in and then, during the evening, Natalie and Stephen disappeared to change into their attire and blew everyone away! Congratulations on your marriage, pulling off a spectacular surprise and for raising over £1,500 for cancer research!


I do love a good portrait picture and while photographing his son Luca, I was asked if I minded doing a portrait shot as a new profile picture!


This week I got invited to a BBQ celebration party, of course we couldn’t help but do a little photo shoot in this lovely garden! See the full set under ‘Portfolio, Events, BBQ Celebration’


A recent photo of many taken from a day at the 4 kingdoms adventure park with Baby Sophie.
This little sweetheart clearly had a lovely day as she was out for the count for hours after leaving!